Become What You Behold

Last Summer I had the chance to buy a very awesome paraphrased Bible in the US. It is always a lot of fun to read this version of translation that is transliterated into a very easy language. I love one verse in particular of Matthew 9. After reading the Scriptures in this version called The Message, I like to compare with my English Standard Bible, sometimes with the King James Version or the Brazilian Portuguese version. However what I love to do is to go to the originals, Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic and see the word by word meaning of the verse, once I have read the whole context, I can go deep in the Word.

So Jesus was going down this road with his disciples and others and the story tells us two blind men followed him crying out, “Mercy, Son of David! Mercy on us!”, then they keep following Jesus, and even when Jesus goes in the house they go with him. So Jesus asks them if they really believe he can do that. They answer, “Yes, Master!” and Jesus touches their eyes and say, “Become what you believe”, that is on verse 29. It happens, they are healed and after that Jesus healed many others.

What I want to point out here is this powerful declaration of Jesus: Become what you believe. The original says, may it be done to you according to your belief, it means be born out of your faith and it is literally a ‘become what you believe’. It is a become what you behold! Be transformed according to your faith and expectation. Wow! That’s wonderful! Jesus is inviting you to experience more than words, more than convictions, ideologies and expressions! He wants to change your reality, He wants to empower you to change atmospheres everywhere you go.

Jesus asked them, “Do you really believe?” Do you really believe? He is asking you as you read this. If you believe in His words, if you trust in His prophetic voice over you. Your realities are defined by the risk you take and the step out in faith. If your answer is yes, then allow Him to drive you in your daily life. Change your mentality into Kingdom’s perspectives. Love like He loved you. This radical compassion and love of Jesus imparts to us the same power, love and authority to walk as Jesus walked on earth and shape history.

Change your day, take authority over it and be a royal ambassador of the King of Kings on earth! Become what you believe!!!


  1. Uau!!!!!
    já ouvi vc falando sobre isso e cada vez é mais poderoso.
    Isso resolve algumas questões em nossas vidas, colocamos expectativas q o Pai vai fazer tudo em nosso lugar, sendo q começa no nosso coração, acreditando.


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