Recife, here we go!

After six months in Goiânia area we finally move to where God has prepared for us!

We arrived yesterday of an amazing week in the South of Brazil where we trained the church and recorded a DVD with some friends. Awesome! Here is a short testimony: Thursday night I really felt God was going to heal many people and I spent the day praying for that night. I got several words of knowledge and Nic asked me to lead this moment at the church. We could feel it! The Father was healing, and even as we delivered the words people were being headed without any prayer or laying on of hands. After this we decided to lay hands and pray for them. So I was praying for Elza, she became totally blind 6 years ago because of diabetes. She didn’t feel anything as I prayed for a long time, and she couldn’t see anything but darkness. THEN she felt peace! All sadness and depression went away, and 20% of hear sight was restored. She now could see light. And we kept praying. And for over an hour we didn’t check it out. We just thanked Papa for what he was doing and enjoyed His presence! Then we checked her sight again. It was a long time. She was staring at me and then she asked: “Do you wear glasses?” YESSSSSS. And that night her sight was restored 40%. We couldn’t pray more for her but I told her to keep declaring and thanking God for all He is doing. She will wake up totally healed really soon!!! Yay Jesus.

Right now, I have a little bit of fever and the annoying cold because of the strong climate change. Packing, packing and packing. Then working on the last details before we move to Recife. Our drive will be about four days, and we will have two cars, four children and six adults, and a big dog. Pray for us! We are so excited and this is an awesome new season for us, but we need a lot of prayers, funds and help!

I will keep posting about our trip on Facebook and Twitter.

Blessings from the harvest,

Jonathan Costa & Shores of Grace Ministries