Stephen Hernandez: ‘Sem Queijo’

Stephen Hernandez is a friend who is serving with us in Recife. 🙂

Island of Misfit Thoughts

It’s been just over a week that I’ve been here. It feels good to be settled in. I’m getting used to doing most of the little things (throwing away toilet paper, fighting off Mosquitos and ordering things without cheese). My Portuguese is coming along with the help of my private tutors, Robson and Gláucia. I am extremely blessed to be able to be down here with these amazing people.

Last Sunday we went out on the streets to build relationships with the prostitutes and transvestites. The people we met were precious, my heart breaks thinking about them. The first two that we talked with were a 20 something transvestite named Felipe (Fernanda), and a 16 year old girl. The girl was there because she has a 4 mo old baby to support. We cannot wait to open up the rescue home so these girls will have a place to go…

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