Waves of Love Update and Prayer Request

Today we had a rough night, amazing one, still quite difficult. We started our church service on Praça do Diário where we meet every Tuesday. It started out with worship and God’s presence there was awesome. The homeless kids and adults were singing worship songs and God was touching their hearts. One guy started crying as he was feeling Papa’s love. Because he was crying another drunk and crazy man started to pick on him and next thing we know they’re on the ground fighting. After separating them we sent the other man away, because all the others were so upset and they were threatening to kill him for insulting the young man that was crying. We saw several others attacking this man and we were able to have him at distance. One little kid found an extension cord and whipped him several times. After convincing the others to calm down I walked him to a bus stop, the kid came back to whip him twice and almost hit me at both times. Finally I gave him money so he could leave the area by bus. Others are promising they will kill him next time he comes back. Pray for the opposite, and for life to invade them all.

After that we were able to bring peace and calm them down, and God was moving in their lives again. Rachael and the girls helped a 13 years-old girl, and as she found out she was pregnant she asked us for help, for this reason we brought her to the girls house. We don’t have paperwork to receive girls yet, thus we couldn’t say no to her. So tomorrow we will look for medical help and legal support with Child Services. Please pray for us.

Jonathan Costa
Shores of Grace Ministries