Pleasing others – is it the best thing to do?

The political spirit, expressed specially in our community of faith in leadership positions, will lead us to be “diplomatic” and try to level down our communication of the truth to a way we please people. That’s a dangerous way to neglect others of the freedom we have to release them so they can live free from prisons and captivity. If only the truth will set us free, telling others anything less than the truth will rob them of the freedom Jesus conquered for them through his sacrifice.

Speaking the truth without love, trying to solve the political spirit, is the presumption that we are now entitled judges, and if the one who had all the right to judge decided for mercy and compassion, it is absolutely not our place. It is the attitude of Christ, humility and love, manifested in true compassion that will position every believer to speak the truth in love, for the listener’s sake and for our own, because the danger of a political spirit will undoubtedly corrupt us.

If Jesus tried to please others diminishing his message and the true desire of God to reconcile with the world, he would not end up on the cross. The truth is that trying to please others would have led Jesus astray from the cross, and trying to please others today will negate that fact we have to take up our own cross leading us on a dangerous road of imprisonment, driven by fear of rejection and much pride.